The Official Natron "Grinder" Red Wine!

Hello there friends, we came up with a new tasteful merch item. This time we bottled the amazing "Grinder" red wine which is 15% of alcoholic strong taste! Very limited to only 50 bottles this red Apulian wine was hand made with the local grapes of Lucera (FG) by our fan and friend Antonio Neka De Rosa absolutely with no additives or preservatives. Better served cool, its adamant taste is excellent with red meat.This is a perfect gift for our fans because we know you are mostly heavy drinkers so why not to give you a chance to sip the strong brutal taste of our land?

8€ + 5€ (shipping)

13€ (bottle + Grindermeister cd) + 5€ (shipping)

On sale February 22th 2014 : send pre-orders here!!!!



Morgue Orgy Tour - Fall 2013

So the time has come for us to hit the road again in Europe, this time with fellows Deranged, amazing old school death grind band from Sweden back together after many years of hiatus. This trek counts 8 gigs of pure grinding brutal death over Belgium, France, England and Holland because sadly the Berlin show has been last minute cancelled. We feel sorry for that but it's not something upon the bands. 
The last show will be  the great indoor festival , Eindhoven Metal Meeting with bunch of good bands ( check on the festival bill ).

Will be a proper final tour end: let's' get high and wasted!!! C ya on the road in a few days!!!! Cheeers"


Agglutination Metal Fest, Morgue Orgy Tour Fall 2013 & other updates....

Hello Fellas,

Here we go with some updates. That’s what we have in plans from now til the end of 2013.
In a matter of weeks we ‘ll be part of one of the best metal happenings in Italy, the long running Agglutination Metal Fest together with Overkill, Stratovarius, Marduk and many other names from the Italian scene.
Afterwards there will be some warm up shows in October ( Prato show is already booked on the 26th ) before we return to hit the road in December for a trek over Europe.

“Morgue Orgy” tour 2013 is a great two bands package. The return of 2 old school brutal bands that ruled the underground scene of the second wave of death metal in the mid 90's . The mighty Swedish gore death masters Deranged and the Italian godfathers of brutal death metal Natron teaming up for a 2 weeks tour over Germany, Belgium, France, UK and Holland, could you just ask for more than this, you brutal death metal lovers?
And what about a last final show at the mighty Eindhoven Metal Meeting with tons of big names in the bill ? Accept, Napalm Death, Destroyer 666, Impaled Nazarene, Death Angel, Dew Scented, Tiamat…..thus we are personally impatient for the Coroner show!

Definitely a killer way to end this 2013 and turn the page.

Here is the shows list:

08/10 Agglutination Metal Fest – Senise (I)
10/26 Controsenso - Prato (I)
10/27 Colony –Brescia (I) tbc
12/05 K17 – Berlin (D)
12/06 DNA –Brussels (B)
12/07 tba
12/08 tba -France
12/09 Hairy Dog –Derby (UK)
12/10 The Queens Arms – Reading (UK)
12/11 Asylum 2 – Birmingham (UK)
12/12 The Black Heart – London (UK)
12/13 Eindhoven Metal Meeting – Eindhoven (NL)

But what is next in 2014?

About the band’s future there’s a lot to discuss and to understand. It’s sad to say but with years passing by we’re facing a big reality check now: we simply don’t know if we can continue or not, at least with this line up and with different goals every single band member keeps in his mind in this very moment. It’s been more than 21 years now and of course priorities change for everyone but this unfortunately means that it’s progressively becoming hard for some of us to stick to any touring , recording and rehearsing schedule in the future.

Natron has always been a seriously committed band and frankly I don’t’ feel like continuing this as a hobby-thing to do after work, when it happens that I have some off time to spend with friends drinking, smoking and jamming at rehearsals for just the pleasure of doing it.
Natron is a band I put too much effort into, I personally dedicated every single day of my life to this project and it’s like a 21 years old son that at least I want to see growing bigger.

There’s a plan to tour another continent for 7 shows next june 2014 and at least that would be the only and unique thing we’re going to do in a while.

Every other activities will be stopped in 2014 and we’ll put the band on sleeping mode for the rest of the year until we will come up with a solution that can allow this band to continue.
Therefore make sure we’ll see ya all freaks at our shows during the rest of 2013!
See ya soon on the road!!!!

Max Marzocca


Summer Festivals updates

Here we go with a good news. Summer's the festivals season and we make no difference! After being confirmed at the "Despise the World Deathfest" in Bologna ( with Suffocation Cephalic Carnage and more...), and the world famous Obscene Extreme Fest in Trutnov (CZ) ( with Napalm Death ,Cryptopsy,Grave, Ratos De Porao, Exhumed and many more ) we're proud to announce our appearance at one of the biggest italian metalfest, XIX Agglutination Metal fest to be held on the 10th of August in Senise.
Appearing the same night - among others- Overkill, Stratovarius and Marduk. Stay tuned for more gigs confirmation.Cheers.

Here are some links to read the news:



Late spring shows updates!!!!

 Hello, here is the schedule of the next gigs in May/June/July 2013. We are confirmed at the Despise the world Fest in Bologna, opening for fellowmates Suffocation, Cephalic Carnage and Havok and for the very first time we play Sardinia in Cagliari. Moreover another show in Milano has been added to our short trekk over central Europe with Hour of Penance. Therefore something has changed a bit, some shows were replaced and some other new are on the way to be confirmed soon: we will announce an Italian summer fest in august in a matter of days, so stay tuned!!!Cheers.










Recording split 7"EP with Buffalo Grillz.

Hello ,we're back with a fast news from the bandcamp. Tomorrow 04/11 we'll  kick off the recording of "Virus Cult" Split 7"EP (with fellas, Buffalo Grillz ) at Sun Keeper Studios, a cover of  Napalm Death "Vision Conquest"will be also recorded! Watch out for a September 2013 release on Subsound Records! Stay tuned!


Max Marzocca interviewed on Sickdrummer Magazine.

Hello everyone, we come up with a nice link to suggest you. The world famous Sick Drummer Magazine  features Ufip endorser and Natron drummer MAX MARZOCCA  on issue n. 25 which is now Online! Thanks heaps to mighty Ufip Cymbals company and Sickdrummer Magazine for supporting us continuously in years!

 Read  the interview at the following link:

Link to the Issue # 25

Enjoy it!
Cheers, Natron